A wide range of applications and industries

Complete range of antifoams for various fields of industrial application:

Agrochemical multifunctional adjuvants and antifoams for:

  • Decrease crop loss to insects, weeds and disease with improved agrichemical formulations;
  • Efficiently deliver nutrients and water to plant root systems;
  • Enable pesticide synthesis with reliable building blocks;
  • Conserve water with innovative irrigation technologies.
Agrochemical production
  • Enhance antifoam emulsion stability, knockdown effect, persistency and drainage in brown stock washing operations;
  • Optimize bleaching efficiency and maximize brightness;
  • Develop coatings that improve strength, smoothness, optical coverage and other performance attributes;
  • Chemical manufacturing;
  • Offer superior thermal properties for better print imaging;
  • Deliver foodservice packaging that meets a range of safety and performance requirements.
Brown stock washing
  • Increase manufacturing efficiency and reduce the need for resource consumption;
  • Enable 3D printing with new materials;
  • Ensure the smooth, safe and efficient operation of manufacturing equipment;
  • Deliver effective heating and cooling in chemical processing;
  • Empower productivity throughout the manufacturing process from compounding and creation to finishing and clean up.
Chemical manufacturing
  • Increased water recovery rates;
  • Scale removal from processing equipment;
  • Reduced waste and optimal water flow;
  • Increased lifespan of water processing equipment and less downtime;
  • Reduced water processing maintenance costs;
  • Energy savings.
Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Provide natural and synthetic fibers that meet a range of performance and regulatory requirements;
  • Develop unique, high-performance coatings that impart superior feel, water repellency and resistance to abrasion and soiling;
  • Achieve reductions in cycle time and required rinses;
  • Offer brighter colors on cotton while reducing water, energy, dye and chemical use.
Textile industry
  • Performance packaging solutions that maintain freshness, safety, odor control, toughness, flexibility, convenience and shelf appeal;
  • Food ingredients and preservatives that protect against mold growth and other spoilage as well as preserve and enhance color, flavor and vitamin content;
  • Antifoams, defoamers and release agents that reduce food waste and deliver cost-effective processing, eliminating unwanted process foam and increasing productivity;
  • Paper release emulsions that can be incorporated into the existing papermaking operation, eliminating the need for additional equipment and energy-consuming drying steps;
  • Silicone elastomers that help create flexible utensils and bakeware and food delivery systems.
Food and beverage
  • Non-varnishing lowers downtime, facilitates long-term system integrity and eliminates potential for varnish and sludge formation;
  • Faster air release reduces potential for micro-dieseling and cavitation;
  • Cooler operation due to lower frictional losses, enabling smaller sumps and extending fluid life;
  • Inherently biodegradable and low toxicity;
  • Water-tolerant;
  • Increased energy efficiency by reducing friction, increasing equipment durability and improving both fuel economy and operational reliability;
  • Available in low toxicity to meet food and beverage processing standards for use where incidental contamination may occur;
  • Readily biodegradable, non-bio-accumulative, have low eco-toxicity, and are non-sheening for use in environmentally sensitive applications;
  • Can be formulated into high-performance fluids that can endure extreme temperatures and enable safe formulations for harsh operating conditions;
  • Broad range of multifunctional ingredients, including amines for pH and corrosion control and surfactants for emulsification.

Architectural paints and coatings

  • Waterborne resin technology for high performance and lower VOCs;
  • Efficient resins and opaque polymers to optimize titanium dioxide needs;
  • Rheology modifiers to improve application;
  • Silicone additives to help with foam control, slip, leveling and waterproofing;
  • Surfactants for pigment wetting and effective dispersion, color acceptance and stability;
  • Coalescent solutions for film formation.

Industrial coatings

  • Waterborne and solvent-based acrylics for general industrial finishes and protective maintenance markets;
  • Fast drying waterborne resins for road marking and traffic paint;
  • Solutions for sound dampening;
  • Silicone resin technology for versatility and ease of use;
  • Additives to enhance surface properties;
  • Solvents with a wide range of evaporation rates;
  • Coalescents and co-solvents for water-based industrial applications.


  • Silicone foam control additives;
  • Silicone slip additives;
  • Low-odor, low-VOC solvents;
  • Solutions for evaporation rate control.